• Chinese
  • 02:53:41
  • Sep 13 2017
  • HD

Faith in God

Yu Congguang spreads the gospel with The Church of Almighty God, and while trying to evade arrest by the Chinese police is rescued by Zheng Xun, a coworker in a local house church. After that, he fellowships with Zheng Xun and others a number of times on what is faith in God, how to believe to gain God’s approval, and other aspects of the truth. In the end, these truths resolve the longstanding confusion and difficulties of Zheng Xun and the others, allowing them to understand the true meaning of “faith in God” and freeing their hearts.

Best Feature Film: Gold Award, NYC Indie Film Awards, United States, 2017
Semi-finalist, Shutter Speed Film Festival, United States, 2018

Bahia Independent Cinema Festival, Brazil, October 31, 2017

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